Friday, July 4, 2008

A Mixer Is Incomplete Without Mixer Accessories

A mixer on its own is an incomplete kitchen appliance. You need to buy several mixer accessories to make your mixer a true kitchen workhorse. Since most manufacturers of make accessories that can fit their mixer only, it is advisable to buy the accessories at the time of buying the mixer. This saves you the trouble of shopping for accessories that will fit your mixer.
The accessories for mixers range from simple things as cloth covers and food trays to culinary helpers like food grinders, sausage stuffer kits, pasta makers, pasta rollers, slicers and shredders, fruit and vegetable strainers, and juicers.
Each accessory adds value to your food and cooking. The citrus juicer attachment, for instance, saves time and energy by producing freshly squeezed juice. It removes pulp and seeds and collects juice into a holding cup for being poured in glasses, and served.
The slicer/shredder attachment can shred anything from cheese to cucumbers. Some slicer/shredders come with four blades -- fine shredder, coarse shredder, thick slicer and thin slicer. They can be used to handle large quantities of vegetables, cheese and nuts. The strainer is another useful attachment and is used to puree and strain fruits and vegetables.
The food grinder can turn leftovers into new, exciting meals. It can be used to create soups, meatloaf, pates, and sauces quickly and easily. The grinder has fine and coarse grinding plates that can be used with cooked and raw meats, firm vegetables, dried fruits and cheese.
The grain mill attachment can be used to grind low-moisture grains, such as wheat, corn and rice which can then be used to prepare homemade multi-grain and wheat breads, cereals or tortillas.
Some mixers even have ice cream making attachments and save the hassle of buying a separate ice cream maker. Those who are fond of Italian food can attach pasta maker plates to prepare homemade pasta for sauces, salads and casseroles or shape the pasta dough into macaroni or lasagna.
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